Year: 2016
Title: Nomad
Material: Steel, plywood

Photo: Marcus Brunström

= Nomad

Equals nomad is a mobile showroom and an exhibition concept on wheels with the entire city as its exhibition space. The design caravan is meant to freely move around the city displaying design items from local designers. Malmö-based platform that aims to create better conditions for designers working in Skåne and the Öresund region.

The objective for =nomad is to implement and realize projects that encourage collaborations between designers and other industries in the region, enabling new constellations and creating new opportunities to reach out to a wider audience locally, nationally and internationally.

In collaboration with Stoft Studio.

London design festival 2017 – Curated exhibition at a reception at the Swedish Ambassadors Residence
Malmö Live 2017 – Curated exhibition with Butler/Lindgård, a textile duo based in Malmö
Form design center – Curated exhibition with seventeen designers and crafters from southern Sweden

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