Year: 2012
Title: Recycle rug
Material: Recycled t-shirts

Recycle rug

Recycle rug is the first one out in Rugs and is crafted out of recycled T-shirts inspired by the rag rug in our Swedish folk homes. In the same “you take what you have”- spirit, old unusable materials get recycled into Recycle rug and given a new form, function and life. The various frictions in the T-shirts provide the rug with a natural grayscale that visually contribute to a sense of depth. Thanks to the elastic material of the t-shirts the rug is thicker and softer than a regular rag rug. The result is a kind of updated modern version of the old Swedish housewife rag rug.

Shown at Liljevalchs for 100 år hemslöjd.

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