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Studio Kajsa Willner is a cross-disciplinary business working with designing products on commission and for studio production, visualizing spatial installations, as curator and exhibition architect and with initiating new projects in collaboration with other organizations or partners.

Kajsa Willner has an international experience and holds a bachelor degree in furniture and industrial design from Rome and Milan. After finishing her studies in Italy Kajsa moved to the Netherlands to gain some work experience from Eindhoven based design studios and companies.

She returned to Sweden and founded Studio Kajsa Willner in Malmö 2013.

Studio Kajsa Willner has exhibited at Liljevalchs, was nominated for Young Swedish Form 2014/15, and won bronze in the A’ Design Award in 2017. In 2016 Kajsa was awarded an artist-in-residence by Konst in Halland at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko. In 2019 Willner was assigned to bring forward a site specific piece for Charts Curio exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark (19-2020) as well as site specific furniture pieces for the re-opening of Hallands Konstmuseum in collaboration with Swedish producer Swedese.

Willner runs a research based studio that delivers environments, objects and furniture pieces that reflects a soul, passion and true story with an additional value to the visual and functional aspects of the design. With a production that always try to have the best for the planet in mind.

Kajsas core practice and her greatest interest as a designer lays in experimenting with shape, materials, finishes, colour, storytelling and function of an object or a concept.

Designer motto: to reflect on the perception of what design is and should be, but also to question and try to broaden the conversation around Swedish contemporary design.

“Designers mission: to bring new ideas and concepts into peoples lives that leave them affected by an experience around an object or an interior.”


Exhibitions, Missions / Commissions, Selected Press, Lectures / Workshops.

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Studio collection

Objects made by the designer in smaller editions. Material driven research and application.

On commission

Furniture, product, site specific installations, public procurment, interor and spaces.

Curator & Exhibition Architect

For requested projects, trade fairs, pop-up events and more.

Teaching / Workshops / Lecturing

Experience from teaching, organizing and holding various workshop and inspirational lectures.

Previous clients & partners

Hallands Konstmuseum, Swedese, Kanozi architects, Fagerhult, Form design / center, Art & Science Initiative, Linnéaus University Design, Kalmar University Design, Southern Sweden Creatives, Tourism in Skåne, Applicata, Östen Kristiansson,

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