Cork stool / table


Photographer & styling: Kajsa Willner


Cork stool / table

With a starting point in trying to create an object that could serve as a link between different styles, everything from retro to modern and back and with inspiration from classical icons like Brancusis sculptural columns, the technique of origami, pleated textile and chess pieces the cork stool / table came to be. Massive but yet light thanks to the materials natural character makes the cork stool / table easy to move around like a chess piece and can thereby easily be placed in different contexts and rooms. Cork stool / table is a furniture piece to be used either as a stool or as a side table and with some playfulness you can pile up the cork table to create columns. Completely made out of cork it has got great natural material benefits like being lightweight, durable, sustainable, stable and when being touched it gives you a smooth natural feeling in the hand.

The ecological footprint from cork extraction until the final product is incredibly low compared to the industry average of plastic production. By buying cork products you are contributing to the preservation of both jobs and unique valuable eco-regions and life environments for animals.

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