Emulate nature


Studio project

Slush cast tin vases

Photographer: David Möller

Emulate nature

With ‘Emulate nature’, designer Kajsa Willner has created a series of tin vases aiming to replicate nature both visually and production wise.

“In nature, nothing is wasted, but instead everything continues into the next cycle. By better understanding how nature solves problems without damaging nature’s energy system, I believe we can find solutions to many human challenges.” says Willner.

The vases are created using an old slush casting technique to minimize material consumption in each vase and where leftovers from casting one object are used in the production of the next.

“I have chosen to work with tin for its material properties and ease of reuse. Thanks to its relatively low melting point I can produce the vases in my own studio and have full control over the complete process.” Willner continues.

Visually, the vases are sculptural compositions mixing elements from the three kingdoms of nature; plants, animals and minerals, described by Carl von Linné in his Systema Naturae.

‘Emulate nature’ is the first outcome of Willner’s self-initiated research project using nature as a model to explore more smart design and energy efficient production strategies.

The vases are now part of an exhibition curated by Paola Bjäringer at Misschiefs on display during Stockholm Design Week alongside other female artists.

Link to exhibition: https://www.stockholmdesignweek.com/2021-feb/digital-stands/misschiefs-take-over

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