Swedish Pavillion, London design biennale

Welcome to Weden

Commission exhibition work

Producer: AC Snickeri & Marcus Brunström

Photographer: Marcus Brunström / Kajsa Willner



For this project the designer chose to take inspiration from the theme of the Swedish pavillion at the London design biennale 2016; equal terms collaborations between designers and producers based on shared responsibility for costs and profits.

”The exhibition is based upon an idea of tighter collaborations between designers and producers in Sweden. It’s also emphasizing the importance of a re-introduction of the artistic process within production. We need to find new ways of producing by going local again and questioning unsustainable business models.” says curator Jenny Nordberg.

Layers is a collaboration between Studio Kajsa Willner, AC Snickeri and Marcus Brunström. It’s a trinity of geometrical coffee tables made from two coloured sheets of layered valchromat. With CNC machine precision the different pieces are milled and drilled from two large sheets of valchromat whereafter the pieces are attached through the pre-drilled holes and glued together. This layered style combined with the alternating colours gives a different look depending on the angle it is viewed from. The variation of the layer direction gives the user possibilities to create unique settings just by rearranging the tables as a group or by using them individually. The initial idea that lead to this 50/50 design was symbolic to the collaboration between designer and producer.

When designer and producer work more closely together as a team throughout the whole process the designer gets a chance to understand which parts of the process to adapt without compromising the visual aspects of the design and the producer can get inspiration from a more artistic approach to the production, still compatible with the used machinery. It is all about adding that extra layer to the process working towards a utopian relationship between designer and producer.

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