=Nomad curatorial

London design festival

Form design / center, Swedish design moves

Set & exhibition design


= Nomad curatorial

In 2017, a reception was organized at the Swedish Embassy in London, organized by Form / Design Center, Southern Sweden Creatives, Swedish design moves as a mediator to the opening of the Swedish Pavilion at the London design fair. Kajsa Willner was assigned the job as set and exhibition designer for the welcome medley.

The environment and the exhibition presented a selection of products by the companies and designers who participated in the 2017 edition of the Swedish Pavilion at London Design Festival. Using the design caravan = Nomad, a showroom on wheels, to present the different works. The trolley was placed at the entrance and parts such as doors and drawers were used as podiums upstairs. Presented alongside speeches by design journalists and locally produced food and drinks from Skåne.

= Nomad is a concept developed by Studio Kajsa Willner in collaboration with Stoft studio, read more about its purpose and the design collaboration here.

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